What is the Embodiment Cluster?

The Embodiment Research Cluster is a student-led initiative of the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership taking the body as its theme. Its participants hail from a range of disciplines, including Creative Writing, Philosophy, English, Music, Religious Studies and Geography, and from a range of institutions across the DTP.

The cluster embraces the body in all its different modes of being and ways of being studied, including:

  • body as the third-person object of science or other analytical studies;
  • body as the grounding of first-person experience and action in practice based subjects;
  • body as a conduit between the human and culture in the social sciences.

Its key research focuses include:

  • the relationship between mind, body and world;
  • how we experience our embodiment through both the senses;
  • how mind and body can be alienated from one another through new media and virtual platforms.

Participants in the cluster are nevertheless keen to embrace a concept of the body that is broad enough to engage with the research of each member of the cluster and to allow the key research focuses to develop as time goes on.

Please do follow us on Twitter (@EmbodimentDTP) and join our Facebook group (for DTP students only: https://www.facebook.com/groups/142297049459560/).