Guided Meditation Workshop at the SWW DTP Brilliant Bodies Fun Palace Event

In this blog entry, Jacob Lucas, a SWW DTP funded PhD student in Philosophy and Buddhist Studies at the Universities of Exeter and Bristol, discusses his forthcoming workshop at the Brilliant Bodies Fun Palace Event.  Jacob’s guided meditation workshop titled “Imagining Death” will touch on the wider themes of his research project, which investigates the Buddhist belief in rebirth.

Imagining Death: Let’s explore the most mysterious journey you will ever take!

“For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause” (William Shakespeare).

Death is something that will happen to us all but how often do we really take the time to think about it?

More importantly, how often do we take time to think about how it will really affect us?

The idea of death might conjure up morbid images of skeletons and corpses or perhaps just sadness, grief, sickness and funerals.

But these are the ways in which we think about other people’s deaths – what about our own?

At the upcoming Fun Palace Event “Brilliant Bodies” on Saturday 1st of October, my activity will give you the opportunity to go on an inner journey.

We will be using the laboratory of our minds to explore and imagine what it might feel like to die. 

This is a Fun Palace so we won’t be dwelling too much on sickness and decay but will try and imagine death itself.

What will it be like for us when our body is no more? Will we simply disappear? What else might happen? What other possibilities might we experience?

 If you want to explore these questions join me on the 1st October and let’s imagine the greatest journey you’re ever going to take!

Please Note: This journey of guided imagination will not dwell on the physical aspect of death too much but participants may nonetheless find the subject matter disturbing. Younger children and those for whom the subject of death may give rise to intense and difficult emotions should think carefully about taking part.